Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another good day!

Today I got to the hospital fairly early. Blair was doing great... I was almost afraid to wake her up just so I could hold her! But, I know that being in her Mother's arms is the best place for her. She cried for just a minute while I was snuggling her in a receiving blanket. As soon as I sat down with her she stopped! She is such a sweet little girl and so far such a good baby!
As of yesterday she weighed 5 lbs 3 oz. They have increased her feeds to 10ml/hour as of this morning. A couple more days and she will be up to full feeds with no more nutrients going through her IV.
I asked the nurse today about the spinal cord condition. It's not something that is noticeable and they must of found it with an X-Ray. She said she would try to find the name of it and leave it for me tomorrow so I can do some research. But, I looked at her bum as I was changing her diaper and that whole area looks okay to me... but I'm no expert! I will let the Dr's handle that!
I miss everyone!
Hugs - Tiffany


Bird said...

I will pray that whatever they find with her spine will be easily dealt with. She looks like such a sweetheart.

I think it's good that you've already had another baby. When I had Charlie I was so afraid to touch him! I felt like he would break.

Prayers for baby Blair!

Dianna said...

We are all praying for Blair. I have forwarded this info to everyone. I love have this to check up on you. I know that God is with you through all of this and that His arms are around you and Blair right now. May you have peace in Him and strength. Enjoy this time with Blair and know that we all miss you and can't wait until you return.

Michelle said...

I am glad to here she is doing well. I know if she has half the determination as her mother, she will home in no time. I can't wait to see her in person, I will keep you in my prayers!

kelly said...

i am so glad you started this page! we are praying for you guys. it's so wonderful to see pictures! she's so precious and tiny.
kelly krout

Stacy said...

Tiffany, Britt and Girls,
We are praying for all of you. Tiffany you are a really strong person and I know she will be like her mother. I have known you for many years now and know this without any doubt!
Brad and I want to make a trip to see you all very soon. I will let you know once something is set in stone...I can't wait to see all of you!
If you need anything please call me sister!
Love you,

Cindy said...

Tiffany and Family,
I am sending prayers that little Blair continues to heal. She is a cutie! ACH is the best place for her to be right now. Holden is living proof of that! We will have to introduce these sweet babies to each other - they have something in commom - special little tummies! If you need a shoulder or have any questions don't hesitate to call me. I have been there, done that and even got the NICU t-shirt or least it feels that way. Everything is still so fresh. Hang in there and stay faithful. Let God carry you through this journey.
Cindy Coffman

Tiffany Harris said...

Tiffany and Family,
Blair is so adorable and is getting so big. It was so good to see you all this past weekend and thanks for all the updates. I keep thinking of how small Baylee was when she came home from the hospital and Baylee better watch out because little sis will be ready to play soon and take her toys.... Having a sister is the best!!!!! We love you all!
Tiffany, Russ and Phoebe

Susanne said...

hey you...
great site and easy to keep track of the latest happenings. We think of you guys often and can't wait to see you, Britt and the babes.
Miss ya!