Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going home - T-minus 7 days-ish!

I went to visit little Blair today... sorry I haven't had any pics the past couple of days. I forgot to charge the batteries in the camera! I know I know! I will get some tomorrow. Today she ate about 38ml for me at noon. She is getting SO MUCH better at pacing herself and not drowning herself in the beginning! That's my girl... she IS a rockstar! hehehe

The current weight is 6lbs 3oz She is just growing away and doing so well. She still has NO residuals and no signs of acid reflux. I was just commenting to the nurse today at how good of a baby she is. When she's awake she's just looking around and even if you put her back in her bed awake she just lays there! I think this round is going to be MUCH easier than my 3 year old!

They have moved her once again to the unit right before they go home. It's still the NICU, but there are only about 6 babies in there and it's not considered critical care. They are feeding and growing the babies in there. So, that was exciting and she's got a window view. In that room her hair looks red and her eyes are blue blue blue already! My husband has such strong genes. I'm hoping for brown eyes, but I don't think it's going to happen! AGAIN! :)
Katy - Yes, she will be going home on thickner... Simply Thick is the name of it and I will take it if you don't mind! That is wonderful that you have some left over! Anything will help! I will e-mail you my address! THANK YOU!
After we went to visit her (Baylee and I) we went over to Babies R Us and did some shopping. I had to get a glidder rocker and ottoman... one that reclines and glides at the same time. The one I really wanted they were out of so I got the cheaper of the two! Plus it was marked down and I'm all about a sale! :) I also bought the same mobile thing that hooks to the side of the crib that she has right now. The nurses say she loves it... so my girl is getting one! She's not spoiled or anything! I also got a cool diaper bag that I've been wanting and it was only $20.00... they aren't that cheap at Wal-Mart! And, then we found some sheets for the pack 'n' play basinett that she will be sleeping in. I think I'm about set on everything else that I saved from having Baylee.

I have decided that I'm going to make a trip home this weekend. There is just too much to do at home. And, anyone that knows me will tell you how organized I HAVE to be! I know that she won't be sleeping in her room for a while, but I've got to get everything put away. This is the first time I've been away from her, but I know once we are home I will be thankful I did it. After all, I'm VERY fortunate that my in-laws live so close. Otherwise I would have been away from her more than I have been.

Hugs - Tiffany


Bird said...

Girl I have most of a box of 200 packets left. My husband was itching to throw them in the trash, but I was sure we could find someone who needed it. They are nectar packets. One packet per four ounces. When Charlie was still eating little bits i would mix four ounces and then divide it up. If Blair is on Honey consistency then you just do two packets instead of one. We never had to do that, but I knew a family that did. Just send me the address and I'll mail them your way!

Hooray for Ms. Blair--she needs that crib-thingy. Rockstars are used to getting their way.

Small Town Girl said...

Super cute diaper bag!

I'm SOOOO excited for you guys!! I'm sure you're all anxious to be at home together again with your new babe.