Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Swallow Study

This morning Blair had her swallow study (with X-Ray) to determine if she has/is aspirating. They first tried the barium at a nectar consistency. She wasn't fully aspirating, but at one point the milk went down her air way to her vocal chords and then came back up and went down to her stomach. A tiny bit did sneak to her lungs. So, next they tried the honey consistency and there were no signs of any aspiration! THANK GOODNESS! This would of been the only thing that would of kept her in the hospital. So, we will have to mix her bottles at a honey consistency from here going forward. They will do a follow-up swallow study to determine if she can tolerate a thinner consistency at a later time. These are pictures of her sitting in the little seat for the swallow study and on her way down there!
The Home Health lady met us at the hospital this afternoon to train us on the oxygen tank. Another lady will meet us at home on Friday to get us set up on the "big" tank. We pretty much won't be going anywhere while she's on the oxygen. We only get so many tanks to use per month... I guess due to our insurance. We will have two big traveling tanks that each last about 4 days... these are to be used for trips back to Little Rock for follow-up appointments. We also received her Pulse Oximeter (Pulsox) monitor and how to use that. This is a little different than Baylee's heart rate monitor. It's basically for us and we won't have to take it in and get the information downloaded like we had to with Baylee. It's just to alert us if something is wrong with Blair. This machine is my little piece of heaven as it will allow me to sleep at night and not worry.
Tomorrow I have a CPR class at 3:30 and I have to talk to admissions about Blair being discharged. There is a lot in to getting her out of there! :)

We are very ready to have her home and can't wait for all the folks in NW Arkansas to meet her!
Hugs - Tiffany

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kelly said...

amazing!! that girl is a rockstar. so happy she 'passed' the swallow study. you guys are amazing too learning all the fancy stuff for her! i can't wait to see her in real life. what a doll!! hope getting out of there is as smooth as possible!