Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baylee's 2nd year of dance classes!

Baylee started back to dance last week! Of course, she loves it! I wouldn't expect anything less from her. But, here is what she said before we went.

Me: Baylee, at dance class you need to listen to the teacher and try to do everything that she does.
Baylee: Why?
Me: Because that's the way you learn to dance... by practicing everything you see the teacher doing.
Baylee: But Momma, I want to do my OWNS thing at dance class.
Me: But, you can't! You can do your OWNS thing at home.
Baylee: But Momma, I want to do my OWNS thing IN DANCE CLASS.
Me: Well, if you do that then you won't get a sucker at the end of class.
Baylee: Momma, I don't want to do my OWNS thing!

She is so funny when it comes to that stuff.

Blair is doing great! Her belly is still healing. I wish it would hurry and heal! I hate having to wrap it because I don't think she likes it.

For some reason I can't post any pics out here right now. I will try later!

Hugs - Tiffany

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Joell said...

That is so funny about Baylee! LOL. I love those great little convos. Glad Blair's belly is healing well.