Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everything went well!

Well, the appointment went well yesterday in Little Rock. It was in fact a blood blister and it actually popped on Sunday night. It looks even better today, but we still have to be very careful until it heals again. We have to continue to wrap it twice a day and put the Silvadine cream on there. They don't want to see us until our regular appointment in January. Next month we see the Neonatologist and the Cardiologist.

I've been making curtains and pillows for Baylee's room. We are doing a dark pink and zebra theme! It's SO cute! They actually turned out really good. I've been finishing up on some pillows today. I need to make another run to Hobby Lobby to get some more trim that I ran out of. Actually, I bought everything that Hobby Lobby had last week and thought it would be enough, but I need more. So, hopefully they will get more in this Friday.

I've been going through stuff getting ready for a garage sale on Sept. 20th. My Mom's neighborhood is having a neighborhood garage sale so we are going to do it together. I've got clothes, shoes, baby stuff, toys and she's got a ton of Christmas decorations and other things to get rid of. It feels good finally getting the house a little organized.

I miss not being able to teach Adventureland. I think it's just best that I keep at least Blair home for a while until she gets all healed up. She's still fragile and I don't want anything else to happen to her belly. Baylee's dance classes start back this week on Thursday's. She is SO excited about it!

We are going to my aunts house on Sunday for a BBQ/House Warming party. They are loving it here since they moved and they are getting some things done to their house. They had a storage building built and they are enclosing their deck. She said that's about finished and the landscapers are coming back sometime this fall to plant all of her trees and shrubs. They did a lot of rock in their yard... less mowing I guess. They are trying to get use to the warm weather we have here! :)

Hugs to everyone!


Miss Thystle said...

Hooray, hooray!

Small Town Girl said...

Well, I'm happy that everything went well!

I can only imagine that there would be quite the adjustment from MN to AR. My roommate from college lives in Cabot and she's getting married in a couple weeks. She told me the other day she can't wait to come up here for the wedding because it's so hot down there! LOL.

blairspage said...

That's crazy... my husband is from Cabot! Is she from Cabot?


Joell said...

Whew! Glad all is okay with Miss Blair!