Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain, Rain and more RAIN!

UGH! So, Hurricane Gustav is leaving a mark in our area with ALL THE RAIN. It's literally been raining for the past 48 hours without letting up. It's 63 degrees out and a bit chilly. I guess I'm use to the 80-90 degree temps we've been having lately. So, that much of a difference feels like it's 32 out! :)

All of this rain has given me the opportunity to thoroughly clean my house. It needed it. Actually, I will feel better after the garage sale on the 20th at my Mom's house. We decided to move it there because she's got a TON of stuff to sell and she's got all of the tables and stuff. So, I'm going over there this weekend to take my stuff and help her go through all of her stuff.

Have you guys seen the Deli Creations sandwiches over by the lunchmeat? They come with the bun, meat, cheese and whatever sauce goes with it. They are REALLY good. You just put the meat and cheese on the bread and stick it in the microwave for 50 seconds and then take it out and add the sauce. They are VERY good. Baylee actually wanted more of mine yesterday! So, get a couple and try them out for yourself!

Last night I helped host a baby shower in Fayetteville. We had it at Common Ground (YUMMY) and it was so much fun. There were probably 20 of us there! But, I have a cake story. So, yesterday morning I called the bakery I used to make sure the cake was going to be ready. I think they had lost my ticket because the lady had no idea what I needed. So, I gave her all of it again and made sure it would be ready by 4:45. She called me back about 5 minutes later and wanted to know why I wanted to change the filling (it was double layer) to chocolate. I told her I didn't I wanted vanilla cake with strawberry filling. UGH. So, I get there and pick it up and it was actually right and looked so stinking cute. I told her I had to go to Fayetteville with it (about 30 minutes from here) and she said it would be fine. So, I assumed it had anchors in it. I get there and take it out of the back and the whole top layer had slid off! I WAS MAD to say the least! So, the kitchen help at Common Grounds sort of fixed it. I was so embarassed when they brought the cake out, but there was nothing I could do I guess!

Today Baylee has dance at 4:30. Tomorrow I'm working at the church. Saturday Baylee has pageant practice at 4. So, looks like another busy weekend!

I guess I'm never bored!

Hugs - Tiffany

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Joell said...

Preparing for Hanna here...but looks like it will hit north of us...right where my parents live. UGH. I believe it is predicted to be category 1, so hopefully not too bad. Say a prayer!

Bummer about that cake...but ugly cake still tastes good!! Ha ha!

Glad you are finally able to blog walk over at Spaces again. Take care...