Saturday, November 22, 2008

St. Louis Outting

While we were in St. Louis we took Baylee to the St. Louis Arch. Britt had been there a long time ago, but I had never been. VERY cool place to visit. They have a neat underground museum, gift shop, coffee shop and of course the arch ride. Baylee wanted to go to the top. I don't think she really understood exactly what we were doing. I think she thought of it as a ride like she went on at Silver Dollar City! :0) Britt stayed with Blair, the stroller and all of our stuff while I took Baylee to the top of the arch. Being afraid of heights myself I was a little leary of the whole process... you know... not knowing what to expect. After I got up there I was glad I went! It was awesome how you could see the whole city! Here are some pictures of our trip! The picture of me and Britt standing next to the arch was taken by Baylee. She laid down on the ground and actually took it like I took her standing next to the arch! :) Blair also learned how to say "Mama" while sitting in Applebee's Thursday night at the hotel. And, while waiting on Dr. Warner while she was laying there in her diaper and unwrapped she learned to chew on her toes! Lots of firsts for this trip!


Small Town Girl said...

I'm so glad things went so well! I really hope they can get her belly better because it just looks so bad! I'm sure it looks worse than it is, or at least it looks more painful than it is. Your poor girl! Your girls are so lucky that you decided not to work anymore. Just imagine how hard this would be if you were still working!

Miss Thystle said...

It looks like y'all had fun, if nothing else. The picture Baylee took came out really cute!