Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where did this week go?

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Good grief!

Today Blair had Physical Therapy and she did fantastic. The PT worked with her on getting on her hands and knees and she held her weight for 45 SECONDS! The PT's goal for her was 30 seconds so that was good. Since her belly is so big she can't really get on her belly too much. She does sleep on it and it just looks so uncomfortable when she does that. But, every morning when I go in to feed her she is on her belly with her fingers in her mouth. TOO CUTE!

Anyway... here are a few pics of the girls! My friend Wendi gave Baylee this outfit and SHE LOVES IT! She had to wear it to church on Sunday. And the one of Blair... she has my sunglasses on!


Miss Thystle said...

too cute! That Baylee is just beyond precious, I want to teach her show tunes and then dress her up in big hats and elbow gloves.

blairspage said...

OMG... she would love that!

Jana said...

Baylee is so big!! I can't believe it! I love love love that outfit!! And the sunglasses on Blair ~ I always crack up at pictures like that! They are precious :)

joell said...

That outfit to TOO CUTE!! That kid is a little model, I tell you! And Blair with the sunglasses! Ha. Such beautiful girls!