Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I will run-down the timeline of events that took place. It was such a crazy week last week for us!

Christmas Eve

4:00pm - Went to church at my Mom's church... the kids program started at 4:30 and church services started at 5. We got out of there at 6, went home to eat what I cooked in the crockpot and headed to our church.
7:30pm - We went to our church service
8:45pm - Got home and tried to get Baylee settled in. We baked cookies for Santa and set out the milk and cookies.
9:00pm - Baylee took a bath and we finally got her in the bed. She was upset and wanted us to LOCK her door because she didn't want Santa coming to her room. I assured her that Santa did not have time to come to her room and was only dropping off the presents in front of the fireplace and then he would be on his way.
10:00pm - We made sure Baylee was asleep and brought the presents out. I had finished wrapping everything but I didn't want her opening them. We decided that Blair "didn't have enough" to open and Britt made a trip to Walgreen's for more toys! UGH!
11:00pm - We are getting ready to go to bed so Santa would come to see us. I'm was TIRED!

Christmas Morning

7:00am - My alarm goes off and Baylee comes to our bedroom about 2 minutes later! She was SO excited about Santa bringing her presents. So, we got the video camera ready to go. I had to wake Blair up. If not, she would of slept until 10 and we had family coming over at 9 for breakfast! Baylee and Blair were SO excited (especially Baylee) with everything Santa brought.
9:00am - My family arrives to our house. I had cooked 2 breakfast casseroles that were YUMMY! I also made a Key Lime Cheese Ball for the mini bagels I had set out. My aunt brought cookies and my Sister contributed the items to make French Toast.
10:30am - We opened presents from each other. Of course we all got way too much!
Noon - My family left and we finished packing last minute items to take to Cabot. Because I had packed 1/2 the night before and 1/2 now I would later find out that I would be forgetting Blair's Simply Thick for her bottles along with diapers and my socks!
12:43pm - We left our driveway and headed to Cabot. I made sure Britt went potty (and Baylee too) and told them we were not stopping until we got there. We still had to open presents with Britt's family before the rest of their family got there.
3:43pm - We pulled in to Cabot not making any stops. Normally we would make 2 or 3 stops for Britt to potty and to feed Blair. Britt held it and Blair got fed while riding. They both did great! :) So, we made it in 3 hours flat and it would normally take 4 hours! :) I was proud of my driving capabilities that day. I think it also helped that I was following someone going 90 the entire way!
4:15pm - We opened presents with Britt's family.
5:15pm - People started showing up for dinner... we are talking 50-60 people
8:00pm - Fireball throwing gets underway! I will just have to post pictures of this!
10:00pm - After getting Baylee and Blair down for the night I decided to venture to Walgreen's in hopes they were open so I could buy some diapers. We had enough to get through the night, but I just wanted to make sure in case they were open.
10:15pm - No such luck!
11:00pm - Crawl in bed after setting the alarm clock for 4:50am. We had to be at the Hospital the next morning for Blair's MRI. UGH!

So, that's it... that was our Christmas! We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful family! The girls had a wonderful time and along with opening presents I've been teaching Baylee about the kids that aren't as fortunate as her. So, after the 1st of the year she is giving her "old" toys to kids that might not have anything.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I hope the New Year brings new adventures to all of you!

Hugs - Tiffany


Miss Thystle said...

I need a nap after reading all of that!

Jibber Jabber said...

Uh...let's see...here's mine:
Christmas morning...slept in, got up at 9ish, got dressed, walked to the Sears Tower, ate lunch, went back to the hotel. Done. LOL!

Small Town Girl said...

Was that key lime cheeseball a Tastefully Simple product??? :) There's a butterscotch brickle one right now, too, that's pretty good.

Sounds like you guys had a good but busy holiday!