Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 at-my-glance


I was pregnant with Blair. We were preparing... as best as we could for her arrival knowing about her Omphalocele. This is the month I went for my 4D ultrasound to find out what her O looked like. Baylee was SUPER excited about her little Sissy coming and wanted to go to each appointment to help Mommy by holding her hand!


This was NOT my favorite month! I was placed on bedrest at 28 weeks! I kept wanting to go in to labor and we knew we had to get me as far along as possible. Baylee and I moved in with my in-laws 3 1/2 hours from home. Britt came down to see us every weekend. Baylee had to adjust with living at Mamaw's and trying to understand why Mommy can't get off the couch and play with her all the time! It was awful, but I had to do it to save Blair's life.


Baylee turned 3. We celebrated by having a family party at Britt's parents house with all the cousins on that side. She wanted a Chuck E Cheese birthday so we took her to a place in Cabot that is just like Chuck E Cheese. Of course we did the family party at the house so I could attend, but I couldn't attend the other because of the bedrest thing. Plus, I had gone in to labor a handful of times up until this point. One of Britt's friends from High School also passed away. He actually passed away on Baylee's birthday. We celebrated Easter this month and Baylee had the best time at the Easter Egg Hunt Britt's parents have every year! Of course I enjoyed this from the comforts of the couch. I was able to take Baylee to see the Easter Bunny and go to church. But, as soon as I got home I had to lay down because I was having contractions! I think at this point I thought this was going to be the longest pregnancy ever!


It was a bad year for storms (tornado's) and I actually went in to full-blown labor during a tornado. My Father-in-law had to take me to the hospital between storms. It was very scary, but I was so worked up over the storm that my contractions would NOT stop! The only problem... Blair was breech at this point! They didn't want my water to break because of that. I went to the hospital on April 3rd and didn't get to leave until after I had her. She was born April 7th weighing in at 4lbs 11oz. She was 5 weeks early, but healthy and perfect... other than her Omphalocele. I stayed in the hospital 2 days after the C-Section and then I finally got to go see her on April 9th. Once I was released I was completely on the go. I think 2 months of bedrest will do that to you! :) I just felt free... like I had been in jail or something. Baylee was so excited to have her little Sissy. While Blair was still in my belly Baylee always called her "baby hashew". We have NO idea where she got it from and no matter how many times we would tell her to call her Blair because that's going to be her name she wouldn't do it! As soon as Blair was born she would call her Baby Blair and that's what it's been ever since. No more baby hashew! :) Blair would continue her journey at AR Children's this entire month.

This was the month that Blair got to come home from AR Children's. She was released on May 23rd. I went home the weekend before to get the house ready. I hadn't been home in almost 4 months so it was nice to get back for the weekend! Blair came home on oxygen, but other than that she did great!

Blair was taken off oxygen on June 26th. She did great with it! We were enjoying our Summer at home with both girls!

We celebrated 4th of July at my parents house. Baylee LOVED the fireworks!

This was our vacation month. We decided to go to FL at the last minute. We had originally cancelled our vacation because we didn't know what was going to go on with Blair. So, I took both girls and my friend Brandy's 2 kids to FL with me. My parents, Sister and her family and my BIL's parents went with us. We had a wonderful time and even Blair enjoyed her time at the beach in her beach tent! I was surprised having a 4 month old and 3 1/2 year old at the beach wasn't so difficult. Lauren was 12 and she helped out with Baylee.

Another wonderful month with my girls... Blair's O was starting to get bigger so I started inquiring. She had a couple of appts at Children's we had to go for.

Halloween month!!! Baylee dressed up as a pink kitty cat and Blair was a little puppy dog. I was babysitting my nephews while my Sister and her husband were on vacation. We took them to the WM Home Office to trick-or-treat and then came home to go around here. My friend Stacy and her husband and their kids went with us. It was fun and the weather was gorgeous for it! Next year I'm making a note to take the wagon with us. Baylee got tired of all that walking! :) This was the 1st year she wasn't sick so I was thankful for that!

We found a new surgeon in St. Louis and had an appointment there the weekend before Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving with my family and then went to Cabot that weekend. The weather was great... almost 70 on Thanksgiving Day. I got to see my cousin Mark that I hadn't seen in many years.

Christmas is here! We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Getting prepared for Blair's surgery on Jan. 19th. Both girls got so much from Santa, us and family. They had a wonderful Christmas! We went to 2 church services on Christmas Eve. Spent Christmas morning with my family and then headed to Cabot for the weekend! Once again great weather for this time of year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful year in 2008! Only better things to come in 2009!

Hugs - Tiffany

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