Monday, February 2, 2009

Goings - on

We've had an interesting last week to say the least! Ice, power loss all over, painting, school starting.

There are still some folks out of power here. I think Fayetteville and Springdale got the worst of it. And, I think some schools might still be out due to spoiled food! We still have a tad bit of ice left on the ground, but mostly everything has melted!

I went to my friend Brandy's after church Saturday night to visit for a bit. Baylee begged me to go play with Luke and Lauren. I drove through the apartment complex by her house on the way home and it looked like a tornado went through there. I don't think one tree survived as they were all split and broken! It looked like 1/2 of the complex had power and the other 1/2 did not have power!

Tomorrow Baylee will start preschool! She is SO excited about it!

Blair continues to do well with OT and PT. I love taking her because they show me what all I need to work on with her. Which is pretty close to what I'm already doing, but they show me what to look for in what she's doing so I enjoy it.

She is officially sitting up on her own. I like that she is showing some independence. And, she can play with her toys much easier as well! We are still working with her on standing. She can stand for several minutes on her own by holding on a table or standing toy. But, it's the sitting back down thing she's not getting. She will just fall over! So, I have to sit there with her while we are practicing this. I also noticed when I go get her out of her crib she is usually on her stomach looking up at me. She scoots her legs from the front to the back. I think she could get the crawling thing if she could just figure out what to do with her legs. Plus, her big belly is in the way so that doesn't help, but I think eventually she will get it.

I also sewed together her wrap straps (thanks for the idea Kerri... it works wonders). I made it wider so it could fit her Omphalocele from top to bottom. I will have to take some pics to show you what I'm talking about. I think this will also help with her getting some blisters as well! She hasn't got a new one in a while so that's good.

Anyway... I think that's all that's going on here! I hope that all of you are doing well!

Hugs - Tiff

PS - I will also get some pictures of my kitchen that is finished! :)


Small Town Girl said...

Sounds like you've been busy as ever!

Bird said...

I know what you mean about the sitting down. At first, Charlie would just lean back and expect us to catch him. We had to show him how to fall on his bottom.