Thursday, April 2, 2009

Never a dull moment!

I don't know how many posts I could start like that! Thank you all for the kind comments! I don't know how I stay so calm... I've always been this way!

Anyway... tonight after dance class we went to eat Mexican food... it's our fav and that's always where we go after dance class. Anyway... when we got done we were walking to the car and about half-way there Baylee started running because she wanted me to chase her. I knew I should of stopped her, but it was literally 10-15 yards to the car. We made it there and she never said her belly was hurting (like she normally does before a seizure) and she started acting weird. I sat her in my seat in the car... for cushioning... and all of a sudden here come the tears and telling me her belly hurt. So, I picked her up and craddled her... she pee pee'd on me, was unresponsive, moaning, lips turning blue... all for about 45 seconds. We JUST took her to get her EKG done yesterday and she is suppose to be scheduled for an EEG coming up... they just haven't called me.

Anyway... the ER Doc basically told us there are no other tests he needs to run because she needs her EEG... I'm thinking... do we just need to get to Children's (which is 3.5 hours from our house) or what? Well, our Pediatrician is suppose to call us! Hopefully tomorrow!

So, that was our day! Nice huh?

Hugs - Tiff


Ron said...

Michael J Fox on Letterman last night .. said of parenting .. "The first part is all just suicide watch." .. how apt a description ..

We spend so much time in the early years just keeping them from hurting themselves .. and there is .. "Never a dull moment."

We are praying for you guys

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Bless her (and mom's) heart! Let us know what you find out from the pediatrician. {{{Hugs}}}

Bird said...

You know, I don't like to complain too much, but I feel like docs are SOOOO dismissive when it comes to seizures. Those things are SCARY! and they just send you home with nothing??!? How long does it take to read an EKG? Charlie's doc has sat there and read his in front of me.

OK, I'm done. Saying a little prayer that you guys get this thing figured out ASAP!

Miss Thystle said...

Poor little thing!

Amber said...

So sorry....