Monday, June 15, 2009

My monkey's!

Just thought I would post a couple new pics out here of the girls! We've been staying extremely busy lately. Hence.... no posts lately! :) We had 3 garage sales in the last 2 weekends. I couldn't of done it without all the donations we received from everyone. THANK YOU! I cannot say that enough! We truly feel blessed to know so many wonderful people!
We are gearing up for our annual Florida beach trip. My Sister has graciously offered to keep Blair here at our house for the week. Not that I don't want to take her, but she can't swim or get her wrap wet. She's pretty much mobile now and keeping her on a sheet under an umbrella even for 30 minutes will take some work. I want this to be a relaxing vacation for us. So, she offered and I'm taking her up on it. That's going to be SO nice. We've never vacationed away from either child except the occasional camping/canoe trip. We need this before the rest of the year we are getting ready to go through.
I called Boston today and they are still reviewing her records. Looks like it might be July or first of August before we go up there. I mean... June is pretty much gone!
This has already been an unbelievably crazy year and it's only going to get worse!
Hugs - Tiff


Jibber Jabber said...

Leave the little bugger with your sister and have a great deserve it! While you're there go find a day spa and get yourself some royal treatment! We miss you guys!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love Blair's hair in that picture! They are both adorable. Enjoy your vacation!

Small Town Girl said...

I'm so glad that you're going to get a relaxing vacation! YOU deserve it more than anyone!! As for me, I'm going to Arizona. In July. Probably going to regret that, but I'll have fun seeing my friend and her family anyway.

Amy said...

Enjoy your vacation! The pictures are ADORABLE!!!

blairspage said...

Thanks everyone! And, yes... I do feel that I deserve this vacation right now! Not just me, but Baylee and Britt as well. She's been through a lot this year! Britt has just put up a lot of me griping this year. So, we will all enjoy it. Sissy will be here in the comforts of some air conditioning at all times! :)

Hugs - Tiff

Debbie said...

I so hope you have a great time. It will be so good for you to recharge your batteries!