Thursday, August 20, 2009

Surgery - Day 1

Today has been pretty uneventful after surgery. There was a bit of what we thought would be a pee pee issue, but since has resolved. Turns out she just needed a new foley... so, that is good to go. But, still pray for pee!!!

There is a place on her belly that has the Dr. a bit concerned. Nothing to get too over excited about. It's just darker than her normal skin... kind of the "old" skin that was grown up over her O. They are watching it, but the Dr. has assured us that there is a back-up plan in case that area of skin happens to die. They have put some of her skin back for skin-grafting in case they need it.

They are keeping her doped up on pain meds and she seems to be comfortable for the most part. The nurse just came in and said they would be placing another IV in case the other IV goes bad. I would much rather them do that now while she is "out of it" than when she is fully awake!

Looks like we will be here a few weeks. No one knows for sure exactly how long. She needs to heal up nicely and the next step will be getting her off the vent as long as the patch of skin does okay.
Last night was another first. I forgot Blair's bathtub at the house so she got to take her first AND last big girl bathtub with her "old" belly! You can see from the pics that she had a GREAT time! Also, you can see the compare pics from after her surgery and can see the size difference. Keep in mind that she was a little swollen right after surgery and that has gone down in the past few hours! But, even swollen it's MUCH smaller!


Jibber Jabber said...

WOW what a difference! We're so happy that everything went so well today!

Laura King said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all as each day brings more wonder and excitement. I'll pray for peace and healing for all of you.

God is good!
Laura King

Anonymous said...

Am gald things went well! I will keep you guys in my prayers!!
Love, Michelle

Katy said...

Where to start? How about, wow, isn't modern medicine amazing? I can't believe how good she looks post surgery--crazy.

Second, I'll admit that I'm dying laughing hearing that they found her spleen--like it had run away or something. Dont' know why, but that made me giggle.

And finally, I love, love, love the new picture up there. I love it! So freakin' cute.