Friday, September 4, 2009

5 years..... and the girls

Today is mine and Britt's 5 year Anniversary! WOW! It doesn't seem like we have been married that long. Where does the time go?

Baylee.... She has had an ear infection since Monday. My Sister took her to the Dr. for me to get her some antibiotics. She spiked a fever early Thursday morning which prompted a trip to the ER. I was afraid she was going to have a syncope episode and I just wanted to make sure her ear was clearing up. She has also had a very congested cough. So, the Dr. decided to switch her antibiotics. Hopefully that will clear the rest of the ear infection and cough up!

Blair.... She is doing GREAT! Yesterday was 2 weeks post-op and everything is looking great. I will post some pics below. She is actually CRAWLING! And, she still spins across the floor too! She is in to everything and so spoiled! I have to change her dressings 4 times per day. It's worked out to more like 3 times per day. Morning, before nap and right before bed. I think anything more would be too much and I'm NOT going to wake her up at night to change it! Also, the "dead" area is looking a bit pink underneath. So, like the Dr. said it might just be like a scab that kind of falls off and there will be new skin under it. It's very encouraging because I really didn't want her to have a skin graft!

Other than that we've had a LOT of calls about the house just no one booking an appointment to see it! URGH... So, that's been a bit frustrating!

Thanks again for all the prayers... just need prayers for healing for little Blair.

Big Hugs - Tiffany


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Anniversary! You have so much on your plate - I'm glad to hear that Blair is making such amazing progress already and I hope Baylee feels better soon!

Small Town Girl said...

Look at her! Happy and smiling as always. :)

pixiemama said...

love. love.
she looks amazing.

Miss Thystle said...

That looks so much better already! Poor Baylee. Extra popsicles for her. They're medicinial.

Toni said...

Well happy anniversary to the two of you! I know what you mean about 5 years--for me, the last 2 weeks since Blair's surgery has gone by fast! I can't believe it's been that long. Blair is looking fantastic. I'm telling you, that smile on her face is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming smiles I've ever seen. Hope you have a wonderful week!