Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dr's appointments

Today I had my yearly exam. We are scheduling my mammogram to get a baseline picture. Then, after I turn 35 I will go back once/year. I should of had this done 2 years ago because of my Mother's history of breast cancer. Yes, she kicked cancers BUTT 12 years ago!

And, this afternoon Baylee had an appointment with Dr. Black (her original ENT). He SCHEDULED her to have her tonsils and adenoids taken out on Oct. 1st. Yikes! I'm calling Boston one more time to make sure they don't want her to have it done at a Children's Hospital. They will probably call tomorrow since it was late in the afternoon. And, I also called Little Rock to do a bit of a follow-up... since they never seem to follow-up with me and this is what was said to the clinic nurse.

Me: I need to see if Dr. Moss will approve Baylee having her tonsils and adenoids taken out here (home).
Nurse: Ummm...well... ummm... let's see... ummm... Did you not have another sleep study done?
Me: Nope, because NO ONE called me!
Nurse: Oh, well I'm going to have to go through this paperwork and get back with you tomorrow.
Me: Well, I just need to know if she can have this done up here or if we need to come to Little Rock....
Nurse: I don't know... I'm going to have to get with Dr. Moss, but I don't think she will want that!

My frustration... this lady needs to get a little better about following up with her patients! You know how they have that program in the schools called "No Child Left Behind"? It needs to apply to these type of situations... No Patient Left Behind. It's freaking ridiculous how much calling and following up I've had to do on their behalf! Maybe they are upset with me for taking Baylee to Boston... honestly, I could careless because I feel like she is getting better care from a clinic 1,500 miles away vs. Little Rock! At least I get follow-ups consistently. All the more reason to have her heart cath done in Boston in November!

Hugs - Tiff


Anonymous said...

Go Momma! Whatever is best for your beautiful little girls!

And I agree, it's time hospitals got their sh** together! These are precious lives we're talking about!

Good luck, hun! I will leave a link for my blog, I don't blog regularly, but I don't have MSN spaces anymore and I am kind of missing it!

toni said...

As if things aren't hard enough, there are always "those people" who seem to make it just a little bit harder...sometimes a lot harder!

Small Town Girl said...

It annoys me SO bad because to the clinics and hospitals it's all routine. For the patients it's their LIFE, you know? It ticks me off when I have to call in to find out results or something...SOOO annoying!

Katy said...

I had a similar problem with neurosurgery--they completely dropped the ball and failed to schudule a follow up. I called them with a question and suddendly they needed to see me RIGHT AWAY!

Robyn Bennett said...

I am with you Tiff-take her where she gets the best care-no matter where it is. Thank goodness you are on your toes. I can relate to your frustration-That is how I always felt when it came to decisions with Kaitlyn's medical needs.