Friday, October 30, 2009


We are getting all geared up here to go Trick-or-Treating. We are heading up to the Wal-Mart Home Office in a bit to do some pre-trick-or-treating with my Mom. The girls... well, Baylee... is SUPER excited that she gets to wear her costume early!

Then, we will go around our neighborhood tomorrow night and gather more candy! I'm glad the weather is going to be nice tomorrow for it. We usually luck out with nice weather around Halloween so it makes it nice for the kids.

Which also makes me want to go take some pictures of the girls. I got a CUTE outfit for Blair yesterday at Target and think I will go back and get this dress that I noticed would be cute on Baylee. They kind of match... so we will see how they turn out. I've scoped out some abandoned bridges in our area that I think I will use as the backdrop. I'm hoping for a bit of overcast weather, but I think it's suppose to be sunny. So, we will see I guess. I have a cute hat for Blair to wear. It was actually one of Baylee's hats when she was little. I don't have many pictures of either of the girls with it on.

Till then...
Hugs - Tiff

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Debbie said...

I hope you all have a wonderful time. Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain here:(