Friday, November 6, 2009

A few tidbits from today

Well, today was slightly productive.... Momma is going back to work. I decided it's time for me to supplement our household income. And, while I really would rather not put the girls in daycare I've decided I'm going back to waiting tables at night and on the weekends... hopefully... if anyone will hire me. I filled out 4 applications this afternoon and have several more to do tomorrow. It's not the most glamorous line of work, but I've done it before and I'm good at it. And, I think it's kind of fun and rewarding. Plus, tips are GOOD! Tips are ALWAYS GOOD! AND... it still allows me to stay home with the girls during the day so we don't have to put them in daycare.

I've considered doing other things for money, but this is what I'm most comfortable with since I've been there before.

While I was gone Britt started to grill the chicken and they had a burial for a dead crawdad that showed up on our back porch... I'm thinking that's thanks to our cat.

Yes, they had a full-on burial (sorry no pics because my husband didn't think of taking any) with a cross, a prayer and dirt!

Tonight at dinner:

Baylee: (saying this to Britt as she was walking towards the fridge) Oh.... Daddy, Daddy, Daddy... you didn't put the chicken on my plate! (with a little attitude)
Britt: Yes, I did Baylee... look at your plate.

Then, they proceeded to tell me about the burial. Poor crawdad... he was pretty intact considering Jazzy must of killed him. Otherwise I really don't know where else he could of came from.

Anyway... a little tidbit from today!

Oh, Mamaw and Papaw came to visit for a few hours this morning on their way to Branson.

My Sister and Mom have not called me back... uh em'... if you are reading this! :)

Hugs - Tiff


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I've waited tables before and actually liked it too. Good luck finding the right fit - I know you will. :-)

Annette said...

Hello Tiffany! It's Annette from "Annette's Exciting Blog." I couldn't find an email address for you and wasn't sure you'd see a response to your question. So, I came here to answer your questions. I've been diagnosed since June 29, 2004. I started Flolan on June 15, 2004. I've been on Revatio for a couple of years and oxygen for a little over 4 years. We don't have a "PH Clinic" here in Omaha, but we do have two PH specialists. I see Dr. Austin Thompson who practices medicine at the Nebraska Medical Center. He's taking very, good care of me. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Prayers and good luck on improved numbers for your daughter at her next heart cath.

The May Quad said...

I'm joining ya in the big scary adult working world:) Applying can get exhausting really fast but I'm sure you'll do awesome-good luck!

Small Town Girl said...

Money is always good!

I'll refrain from asking what other things you considered doing for money. ;)

toni said...

Good for you Tiffany! I actually really like waitressing. The money was pretty good and I got out of the house and worked on my social skills. Hope you like Outback!