Thursday, November 12, 2009

My friend is coming... My friend is coming... WAHOO!

I'm a little excited that my friend is coming to visit. They should be here late tonight as they are driving straight through from Indianapolis! They are the one's we stayed with after Blair's surgery before we had to go back to get Blair's stitches taken out.

Her daughter Zoe turned 16 yesterday and she is having her birthday party with her old friends from school here on Saturday. She is having a small party at our house and I couldn't be more excited to help her celebrate!

So, Sanne... HURRY up and get here already! :)


ParkerMama said...

I was hoping you might share with me the name of the Pulmonary Hypertension specialist that you saw in Boston?

Parker also had PH and I'm looking for someone who could go over his charts, etc.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Hope you all have a great visit.

Small Town Girl said...

Have a great time!!

toni said...

Well how was the party???