Sunday, February 7, 2010

Skating.... is like riding a bike!

I took Baylee skating yesterday. She got a pair of skates for Christmas from Santa and has been practicing in the house. Her friend Phoebe had a skating birthday party this year and that's what we had planned to do for Baylee's party in the next month.

I did not get to see her skate at Phoebe's party because I stayed home and gave Blair a nap. So, this was the first time I saw her skate outside of our house.

SHE.IS.AMAZING! For someone that is 4 years old she was going MY SPEED out there and keeping up. She fell a few times, but for the most part she did great! I watched her the whole time and couldn't help but feel sad because of how big she is getting. And, she wasn't holding on to me, the wall or anyone else! She actually did better NOT holding on. I showed her how to kind of lean forward to help with her balance.

Skating was something I loved from a very early age. I remember my best friends parents friends owned our skating rink in the next town and we were there... every Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. YES.... I loved it that much. And, this went on for several years! So, I'm glad she shares my love for skating as well... because honestly... it felt SO good getting back out on the floor! :)

So, like I said... skating IS like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it and your moves come right back!

Hugs - Tiffany

PS - I did not take my camera this time, but promise I'm sure we will be going back even before her party and will get some then! :)


Anonymous said...

I was in figure skating for several years starting @ a very young age, same with competitive swimming! I loved being active, I have a feeling my daughter will be the same way! I can't wait for those days, but they can certainly take their time!

Way to go, Bailey!!

toni said...

I went through this same thing with Mia this month! Skating party--she skated like a champ! I loved skating when I was a kid. I hadn't been in almost 20 years--but you're right, it is just like riding a bike. I had the best time. Glad you guys got a chance to get out there together.