Thursday, March 18, 2010


Evil Twin's Wife reminded me of a post I should of done on Monday. I took Baylee to the dentist to get some sealants put on her back teeth. It's like toothpaste that they paint on to protect the teeth from getting cavities. She needed them because she has very deep crevases in her back teeth.

Let's remind everyone that Baylee LOVES going to the dentist. I reminded her that she wasn't getting any pokes and they were going to paint her teeth today.

We also needed to see Dr. Caple because Baylee knocked her top tooth out on Saturday at a birthday party. He was going to do an x-ray (which she had before) to make sure nothing was left in there.

So, she's laying in the chair letting Dr. Caple get started and all of a sudden the tears start flowing and she starts SCREAMING.

I pulled her to the side and explained again that it was going to hurt that he was going to do an x-ray and paint her teeth. She was NOT having it for whatever reason.

So, we stormed out of there and got in the car.

My point is that she is old enough to know when I say it's not going to hurt it's not going to hurt. I am always honest with her when it comes to that. And, it took me 3 months to get that appointment... now we will have to wait another 3 months! UGH! I feel like I shouldn't be upset, but I was SO mad yesterday!

So, we had a long talk when we got home after she calmed down. I explained to her that she has got to trust what I say. She said to make another appointment and she would go! :)

Gotta love kids!

Hugs - Tiff


Small Town Girl said...

Hope she remembers that when the time comes!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ugh! I know how hard those appts are to come by! I hope she will cooperate with you next time! :-)

Katy said...

Kids and their phobias! Charlie doesn't like to have his diaper changed in the back seat of the car. Doesn't matter that I keep telling him, he's not going to fall on the floor--he doesn NOT like it!

Lacey said...

Oh I hate that when you have child freakout time! I'm surprised they just didn't give her a little nitric to calm her down!

toni said...

Oh, yeah. The meltdowns might get fewer as they get older, but when they do occur, look out!