Friday, April 23, 2010

Not much

going around here except the nice weather. I thought it was suppose to rain all week, but I guess they were wrong. Unless it's been raining at night and I haven't noticed!?

I've been working a LOT lately... and by a lot I mean like 45 hours per week. Which is good and bad. The money is good, but it wears on me and I'm tired a lot. I try to sneak naps in when I can. Here lately I've been laying out in the afternoons for about 45 mins or so. That gives me a little rest!

We will be going on family vacation to Destin in June. I CANNOT wait to go! I LOVE going to the beach. I wish I could live there!

Here are a couple pics of the girls at Easter. Blair was sick sick on Easter, but we still managed to have a little Easter egg hunt for them at my aunt's house. Britt's Mom does a HUGE one at their house, but we missed it. With Blair being sick and I had to work the night before it just didn't work out this year!

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Anonymous said...

These picture's are beautiful ! Your a fabulous photographer, I recently purchased a new Canon Rebel T1i and I love it ! I still have so much to learn.