Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy weekend!

Baylee LOVES helping hold her little sissy. Of course she has been begging us to let her do it by herself. We try to explain to her that her little sissy is still small and she will need help. After we get home is when we can work on letting her hold her by herself. She is so interested in everything that is going on with her little sissy. It's cute, but she tends to get a little excited and starts trying to tug on wires and stuff. We just keep telling her that she has to be careful that Blair is much smaller than her. :) It's cute to see her love on her sissy so much!
We had visitors this weekend. My parents, sister and nephew came to visit us and Blair. We met up with them at the hospital. That was the first time my Mom and Sister got to hold Blair. My friend Brandy and her daughter Lauren also came for a visit. It was so good to see them and it makes me miss home even more. I know we will be going home eventually... I guess that would be sooner than later! I'm just ready to have my family all in one house and in the same town!

Blair is doing great... they are still doing dry dressing changes on her. The genetics nurse came by today and got Britt's blood. He wasn't excited about that and the nurses kept teasing him saying they would have to stick him again because they missed. :) They still haven't done an MRI on Blair to determine the extent of the spinal cord issue. I'm thinking since they haven't done anything yet that it's not a huge concern for them. Probably because she is continuing to have bowel movements and she can move her legs. She does still have swelling in her groin area, but the nurse today said it's getting better. They are trying to not put her on her back because that seems to be the cause of it. They said eventually that would go away completely. I also showed Britt the excercises for the Occupational Therapy. He held her while I did the excercises and she pretty much slept through the entire routine. She did suck my finger at the end and that's the goal for now. In a few days they will pull the TPT tube from her intestine to her stomach and see how well she tolerates the breastmilk on her stomach. If she tolerates it then they will start bottle feeding her (with my breastmilk) once a day. The nurse said they would give her 20 minutes to eat whatever she can and the rest they would give her through her tube. I guess anything longer than 20 minutes causes her to burn calories and they don't want that. The nurse also said today that they needed to fortify my milk with calories.
Hugs - Tiffany


trustandobey07 said...

Awww Tiffany, she's beautiful! I am so glad to hear that she's doing good. Your whole family is in my prayers. What a little trooper Blair is! Baylee is such a good big sister (not unlike ME and I'm sure Deidre will agree). And you are such a good mommy. ~Lainie

kelly said...

i'm so impressed with your pumping skills!:-) she's just precious. thanks for all the updates!

Small Town Girl said...

You guys all look great! I'm glad that Blair is continuing to make progress. I'm pulling for her! :)

Debbie Parker said...

It's so good to hear from you and see how Blair is doing. She is so cute and looks like she is growing.
Also, good to put a face w/Brett.
You take care of yourself as well and know that we are praying for you all. Thanks for the updates.
I'm new at this bogg stuff-love it tho- Keep your chin up it won't be any time and you will be home.

Bird said...

It's good that she can move her legs and use the bathroom. I know that is often a concern for kids with spinal cord injury. I think I agree with you--they can't be that worried if they're waiting so long to do the MRI.

I'm sorry you're not at home--I know how hard that can be.

I'll say my prayers.