Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Still plugging along! :)

Today Blair had another really good day. Nurse Alexis was back again today. It's always good to see her! :) I got to help her change her "O" dressing so I got some pictures of it. Blair was NOT happy by the time we got done changing the bandage, taking her temp, changing her diaper, taking her blood pressure and changing her clothes all at once. She was VERY awake after all of that. So, I stayed longer today and held her while she was alert. Mary from Speech Therapy came by while Blair was awake and made sure she was still responding to certain sounds. She passed with flying colors. While I was holding her and she was awake she just looked around and didn't make a peep. This lasted for about 45 minutes! Dr. Lyle also came by with his nurse Carol. They are changing her feeds once again. Now she will continuously get 15ml/hour for 7 hours and then none for an hour and then back on for 7 hours, etc. They want to see how she responds during the hour of not having anything go in to her intestines. This just prepares her for bollus (all at once) feeds later down the road. Her TPT tube will come out in the next 48 hours since they are now feeding her in her OG tube. The difference? The TPT tube went down her nose, through her stomach and directly to her intestines. The OG tube goes down her mouth and in to her stomach. Dr. Lyle was also impressed and commented how she is one of the only babies in the NICU that isn't on any medicine. Only breastmilk and dressing changes.
You can see her Omphalocele in this picture. On the top you can see a little patch of skin that is starting to grow. The skin is also growing up around it. The dark area is her umbilical cord.

Baylee and her cousins are being cute with her blankets on their heads! They were pretending to be princesses.

I had Alexis take this picture today of Blair and I. She was SO awake and I was so excited to spend that much time with her. I did not want to leave, but I had to go pick up Baylee and Reagan for the afternoon.

This is Baylee and her cousin Reagan in their muddin' clothes. Mamaw bought these for them because they needed clothes to wear on the 4-wheelers where it wouldn't matter if they got them dirty!

Hugs to everyone!



Bird said...

Wow! That's the first time I've ever seen an omphalacele. Thanks so much for putting it up--it helps to understand thins a little better.

I love that picture of Blair screaming! I also love that you got to hold her for so long. When Charlie was in the hospital I never wanted to hold him. I was kind of afraid that things would get messed up. I'm so happy that you guys are just bonding away!

No meds, eh? That is unusual. When Charlie was first admitted he had 17 pumps of one kind or another (one was milk). Today he takes three medicines, but we're hoping one day we'll be down to one!

Only in Arkansas would you have adorable girls in matching cammo! The Hub and I are planning a trip to Little Rock for the fall--I can't wait to get back for a bit.

tonimcclung said...

Oh my gosh, ALL your kids are adorable--that pic of Baylee and her cousin in "muddin clothes"--TOO PRECIOUS!

Small Town Girl said...

I don't really know how I pictured the omphalacele, but it definitely wasn't like that. Very interesting, though, thanks for sharing!

I love the picture of Baylee holding Blair. I'm sure she's so proud!! There might be some jealousy issues later, when you have both girls at home and life if back to normal, but who cares. At least you have them both! :)

Susanne said...

Wowsa...Zoe and I just saw the picture of the opphalocele and we both imagined it being smaller. Cool how you can see the skin grwoing on it...glad to see that all is well.


corydoras said...

hey, i am from turkey, i came this blog by luck. you and children are very cute.

good luck to you in life