Thursday, May 1, 2008

Exciting Day!

As you can see from the pics today Baylee got to hold her little sissy ALL by herself! She was SO excited to do this! I kept telling her that it was my turn and she needed to let me take her and she would say, "NOT YET"! It was TOO cute! I have been very impressed that she hasn't shown any signs of jealousy! It's always a fear for any parent that already has a child. She is very intrigued with the NICU. The other day there was a baby crying behind us and she just sat there and watched the nurse give the baby a bath. She had a look of concern on her face and kept asking me what was wrong with the baby! :)

She also watched Alexis take Blair's blood pressure, temperature and change her nasty diaper! We talked to her on the other side while Alexis was doing all of this. It went much better today! I got to talk to Dr. Lyle again while he was making his rounds. They have increased her feeds again to 19ml/hour and they are now doing 5 hours on 1 hour off. So far her residuals have been very good and she continues to do well going to the bathroom. So, this just means that her bowels are continuing to work and her stomach (even though have of it is in the Omphalocele) is still processing the milk. WOO HOO! They want her respirations to be below 70/minute before they bottle feed her. That way she won't suck the milk in to her lungs. Once she is taking all bottles (which will be a little while) they will look at starting to send her home! That makes me happy!

She was being very sweet holding her "dee dee" with her two middle fingers. She was smacking away on it!


Bird said...

That child is just precious! That's great about her stomach working even though a lot of it is in the omphalacele.

I kind of figured they weren't too worried about the spinal cord thing. If they're worried about something then you get a test RIGHT NOW!

Baylee looks like she will make a very good Mommy one day.

Thanks for the prayers--I still say a few for Blair every night even though she seems to be doing awesome.

kelly said...

it's hard to get a feel of how tiny she is, since she's always wrapped up. but gus has that paci, and i know how huge is face looks next to it! TEENY girl!

blairspage said...

She is very tiny.... but not as small as Baylee was when she was born. But, Blair is wearing preemie clothes and they just fit her with plenty of room for the Omphalocele. She will probably be wearing Newborn clothes soon and that's only so there will be room for the Omphalocele!

Hugs to everyone!