Saturday, May 10, 2008

Great News!

I went to visit Blair this afternoon and also to feed her bottle to her. She did great! She took 24ml of 34ml within 10 minutes. Dr. Arrington and Nurse Practitioner Mike came by to check on Blair. They are still amazed that everything is still going well with her. They have increased her bottle feeds to 3/day. It's still 10 minutes per bottle feed. That's because she is just practicing and they don't want to wear her out! She weighs 6lbs now! She is still wearing preemie clothes, but they are just fitting. I took more outfits up there today along with the blankets I had embroidered for her with her name on them!

They are scheduling her MRI (for the spine) for next week! And, do you remember what I said about that... they would do it right before we went home? Well, Dr. Arrington seems to think we will be outta there in 10 days! I AM SO EXCITED! I want to get home and clean clean clean and finish getting her room ready before she comes home. Britt keeps telling me there is nothing left to do... but, there is! There are still camo/hunting pictures hanging on her walls and we can't have that! :) I just need to put some finishing touches on some things and re-do Baylee's room while I'm at it. I told her I would do that for her and I would rather do it before she comes home!

Anyway... please pray that Blair continues to do well with her bottle feeding and doesn't have any problems with it!

Hugs - Tiffany

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Bird said...

Yay for almost home! It will fly by. Of course, now you have to do all those things you didn't get to before you had the baby. Charlie's room was crammed with stuff for the longest time.

I will say some prayers specifically for that MRI.

Are you still using the Simply Thick? Do you think you'll be using it when you go home? Let me know!