Friday, May 9, 2008

More Bottles

Yesterday Blair only took 15ml of her bottle when I fed her at noon. I also had Baylee with me and I really didn't care too much for the Occupational Therapist that was with me. She made me nervous for some reason! Today Blair had a better bottle feed and I had the same OT person that I had the day before. She is wonderful. I think her name is Carol. The thickener that they are using is called Simply Thick. It's amazing how much better she does with the breastmilk when it's really thick like that! She took the entire bottle (30ml) in exactly 10 minutes. The OT lady was going to ask if Dr. Lyle would let her practice with 2 bottles/day. The more bottles the better... that's just sooner that we will get to go home.

I got another picture of her Omphalocele today. I had to help the nurse change the wrap again because she had a major explosion in her diaper. It was EVERYWHERE and on everything! :) It's not a good picture, but I will post it. It's looking good and it's getting hard... just what we want it to do. They are still doing dry dressing changes with no Silvadine.
Hugs - Tiffany

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