Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Simply Thick!

(Britt and Baylee sleep just like this!)

I got to the hospital early this morning to get some paperwork done in the admissions office. While sitting with Blair the Occupational Therapist and Dr. Lyle came by at the same time! That was good because they discussed the fact that she has only had 3 bottles since last Friday due to her respirations being too high. The Occupational Therapist thought she would do much better if they thickened my breastmilk. So, I got to feed her another bottle today around noon. The Occupational Therapist was right there to answer any questions I had. She put 30ml in the bottle and thickened it. It worked... Blair ate the ENTIRE bottle within 10 minutes! :) I was excited that she did so well! Dr. Lyle said that her respirations were short and quick instead of long and deep. He said it's normal for a baby with an "O" to have this kind of issue. The baby can't sense when to take a long deep breath instead of a short quick breath.

You can see in this pic she is grinning! :) She is such a little toot!

Dr. Lyle said if he thinks she is silently aspirating that they will send her down to X-Ray to do a swallow study.

She weighs 5lbs 12oz so she is growing just fine and she is keeping her body temp up on her own!

I did ask about the EKG she is suppose to have this week to check on the hole in her heart. Dr. Lyle didn't get back with me. I think they were more concerned with this feeding thing at the moment. I guess I will have to ask tomorrow again!

My birthday was good. My in-laws took me out to eat along with Britt's Sister... her 3 girls and Britt's brothers little girl. It was nice!

Hugs - Tiffany


Edabelle said...

Hi! I just found out last Monday that my Baby has Omphalocele as well. I will add your blog to my blog list to be inspired. God Bless for both of our Babies.

Bird said...

We're having a swallow study done tomorrow!

Are you using simply thick? I really like that product better than rice cereal.

Beware the swallow study lady at ACH--she is not very nice. Who's your OT--is it Paige? We usually had Shannon, but on the weekends we had Paige and she was very nice.

How cool that another omphalocele mom found you here! Such a blessing.

Miss Thystle said...

Those little cheeks just do me in. That is one cute baby!! And she's getting so chubby! Hooray for Blair being so resiliant.

EzraChar said...

if trhe swallow study comes back positive, definately do the simply thick. My son has dysphagia and they started us with rice cereal to thicken, and it's a PITA, and caused him to gain SO much weight. (as in 6lbs in a month). The simply thick is great and you might even be able to get your insurance to pay for it :)

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