Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Birthday!

Today was/is my birthday... it's been a good one so far! Everyone has called to sing me happy birthday and I've received several e-cards! Thank you to everyone! I know I haven't returned some calls.. it's been a busy afternoon! :)

Blair is doing great! The Occupational Therapist came by again this afternoon and fed her. She took 15ml in 10 minutes! They are giving her 2 bottles a day (depending on her respirations) and then the other feeds are still given in 1 hour and then 2 hours off. Her residuals are still good and her dressing changes continue to go well!

I haven't heard when they are doing her 2nd EKG this week to see how the hole in her heart looks. Hopefully that is also making progress and starting to close. Please pray that it is!

Hugs - Tiffany


Bird said...

15 mL in ten minutes is great! We cheered the first time Charlie took 17mL. They get fast pretty quick.

Our bill from ACH was about 250,000K--luckily, we were in the AF then, and they picked up the tab. Our deductible is a couple of thousand, and we're like you--once we hit it, we're 100% for the rest of the year. Thank goodness! Otherwise we would be in trouble. Brain surgery is never cheap.

Three cheers for Blair's good eating!

Bird said...

Uh, I don't know what that K is there--sorry about that.

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday Tiffany! I'm so glad to hear that Blair is doing so well. It sounds like it has been very positive. We are thinking of you guys.

Bird said...

How did I forget this with two freakin' comments already?

Happy Birthday!!!!

Susanne said...

I hope you had a great day!! Glad to see that Blair is doing so well...can't wait to see her :o)


Michelle said...

Nappy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a good day! I am glad Blair is doing better! She is a strong girl, she get's that from her mommy! Can't wait to meet her in person! Thanks for the updates! Love ya!

Julie O said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tiffany! I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. You have two beautiful daughters! You are always in our prayers.