Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving right along...

I called to check on Blair today and she has been taking all of her bottles! The last one she ate 50ml in 12 minutes! She is my little piggy! :) We still haven't got an official date of when we are coming home, but hopefully once I get back up there I will find out something more official. They have increased her bottles to 4/day instead of 3/day.

I still haven't heard when or if they are going to do a swallow study before she goes home. Dr. Lyle didn't think she needed one because she is doing so well with the bottles being thickened. So, we will see what they say before she goes home.

I have to plan on taking 150 bottles of milk home with me from the hospital. So, it's nice to know we will have a good supply for a while.

Hugs to all of you... have a happy weekend!


Bird said...

ha ha . I was the worst milk-maker ever. I had almost nothing to bring home.

The Moore's said...

I'm sooo glad to have you back in the neighborhood...well almost. It was fun to see Baylee the other night. Esther was so excited. We tried to bring you guys some hot chocolate chip cookies, but you must have stepped out for dinner. Blair is adoreable! I can't wait to meet her. Until we can get together, you can keep up with us on our blog site too.
Look forward to seeing you soon!