Monday, May 19, 2008

The Rockstar!

My little Rockstar Blair will be coming home at the end of the week. I'm guessing Friday. Dr. Lyle hasn't given me a date yet, but he said it would be this week! :) I'M SO EXCITED!

Words cannot express the feeling I have! It's been 6 weeks as of today... in the beginning they told us she would be there 3-6 months! So, she is really proving them wrong!

Blair continues to take ALL of her feeds by bottle. They have had a couple of feeds where they had to put about 5-10ml in through the tube because she wouldn't finish it, but that's not bad. Today she has taken all of them and at noon when I was there she took the whole bottle in 10 minutes. They have increased her feed time to 25 minutes so she should be able to finish that! They have also increased her calories (the additional calories) to 25/day.

When I got there today I noticed she had spit up on herself. So, I had to change her and we had to change the dressing on her O. I was VERY surprised to see how much the skin has grown up over it! It's almost doubled since the last time I saw it. They are keeping some kind of powder on the new skin to keep it dry. I guess under the bandage it stays kind of moist and it was a little pink/red. But, it wasn't infected or anything. And, I was surprised to see how much it has decreased in size since the last time I saw it!

I have pics that I will post tomorrow. I've got to go pump and we are off to a ballgame!

Hugs - Tiffany


Bird said...

Oh my gosh I forgot to mail the thickener. Heading to the post office!!!!!

Shelli said...

Tiffany - That is WONDERFUL news. I'm so happy that you are all going to get to be home together again.

Miss Thystle said...

Kickin' Butt and takin' names already - That's our girl! I am so excited for you all!