Sunday, May 18, 2008


I called to check on Blair this morning and the Nurse Practitioner was at her bedside. They are changing all of her feeds to PO (bottle) feeds!!!!! She has taken all of her bottles since Thursday. I guess I just needed to get out of town for her to show off for me! :)

I'm packing right now and Baylee and I will be heading back to Little Rock this afternoon. I'm taking her to the Dr today at noon. We have an AWESOME walk-in/spa/clinic right down the road! I love it that they are open on the weekends for special trips like this! She has had allergy gunk for the past week and no matter what I give her she's not getting better. I have allergy issues as well and woke up this morning unable to talk! Nice huh? I'm sure Britt's not complaining... hehehe

I hope that everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having in Arkansas. It has been gorgeous all weekend!

Hugs to all - Tiff

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Bird said...

Hooray! The rock star continues to do awesome. I'm sure Baylee will be relieved to be home for good, but she seems to be handling things very well. You've got two great girls.