Saturday, May 24, 2008

There's no place like home!

As Baylee was watching the Wizard of Oz this morning that little saying came to mind. We are SO glad to be home and have our family in one house.

The ride home was so peaceful and smooth sailing. We had to stop a little more than half way to feed Blair (and us) and take a little break. She slept the entire way and didn't fuss one bit. Last night she was up from 9-12:30... which was okay because I was going to stay up anyway to feed her at midnight! She slept until 3 when I woke her up to feed her and then again at 6 when I had to wake her again. She is SUCH a good baby!
Baylee (to my surprise) has really taken this coming home thing really really well. I'm SO proud of her for being such a big sister. She keeps saying that she loves being home and she is glad her little sissy is home too!

They had to show our house today from 11-12 (it's for sale) and so we went to my Mom's for a bit. On the way over Baylee said, "Momma, my sissy has the hick-up's". Then she made me turn the music down because she thought that was causing them! Too cute! Baylee came in our room this morning around 6 so she stayed up while Britt fed Blair. She had her little babydoll and was feeding her babydoll and did everything that Britt did to Blair.
Other than that things have been good. The home health people came first thing yesterday (they almost beat us home) to hook up her big oxygen system. We are getting more use to it and it gives us some noise at night to help us sleep better. We have our routine down already!

Thanks again to everyone who has been praying for Blair. Pray does work... we are home and it's been less than 7 weeks. That's a considerable amount of time difference compared to the 3-6 months like they originally said.

Hugs - Tiffany

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Bird said...

HOoray for the baby being home.

It is kind of amazing how much stuff you have to do when you go home. When Charlie had his second surgery at four months i was shocked because they just dismissed me with one set of instructions--I guess it's just getting home the first time that's tough.

Sounds like you've got a lot to keeep you busy and I'm glad Baylee is handling it all so well.