Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, yesterday we didn't do much. I took the girls to the park early because Baylee wanted to ride her bike down there. Of course, Blair LOVES the stroller so I couldn't say no! We were suppose to go to a playdate at my neighbors house,but Baylee and I and Blair fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until almost 5! It was nice!

I took some pics of Blair doing tummy time on a regular mat. She didn't mind it at all and Baylee wanted to get in the picture!
Blair is still doing good with her tummy/gas issues. She is fussy every now and then, but not like it was! I also bought some new bottles... thank you Stacy A. Those really helped and I like them a lot better than what I have been using. They are the Playtex Vent-Aire bottles! Her Omphalocele looks like it's getting smaller. I think since the skin is growing up around it pretty quick it's pushing most of it back in her! I can't believe the change every morning when I take her wrap off.
Britt told me yesterday about a business trip he has to go on in October for a week. I WILL be going since it's in Florida! :) It's in Marco Island, FL (just south of Naples). I looked it up and it's about 2 hours west of Miami and about 4 hours from Key West. I think we might try to go for extra days and go exploring to all of these fun places. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Key West and this is a great opportunity for that. After all, we will only have to pay for my plane ticket and meals. And, then of course the extra days that we will go down to Key West and Miami. I'm super excited since we had to cancel our family beach trip this year. We were going to try to go on our family trip, but now that this has come up we will just go on this trip instead. We haven't had an adult only trip like this since we've been married.
My daughter is obssesed with Taylor Swift. I bought her the CD and the ONLY song she wants to listen to is "Our Song". So, I have it playing right now on repeat and she LOVES IT. She has most of the words memorized already!

These recital pics were taken at rehearsal. The one's with her hair slicked back were taken that night! She did so good!
Hugs - Tiffany


Miss Thystle said...

I want to eat your babies! They are sooo cute! Almost cute enough to make me want another. ALMOST.

Katy said...

I've always wanted to go to Key West too. I've seen pictures and it just looks so pretty.

Baylee looks very graceful for someone so young--I doubt I looked like that at that age.

Blair looks amazing--she is doing so well.

tonimcclung said...

Baylee in her little costumes is so freakin cute! I know I say that all the time but she is--she and Mia would really get along and just run the place--Mia's favorite song is "our song" as well, she even likes "just another picture to burn" too.

I'm excited for your trip--the farthest south Florida I've been is Vero Beach so you'll have to tell me all about Key West, I'd love to go someday.

Small Town Girl said...

One my old boss (he retired) has a winter place on Marco Island. He says it's a really nice place. They apparently like it because they've been going there for years.

Your girl has good taste in music. :)