Monday, June 16, 2008

Occupational Therapy

Today, Blair had her first OT appointment. It went really good and the lady showed me some different things to work with Blair on. She is tuckered out right now and she is laying on Baylee's Dora couch! I think next week she is going to show me some infant massage therapy! I'm interested in learning how to do this. There are studies that show weight gain with infants that have massage therapy.

Yesterday we had a fairly busy day. We went to church first. Baylee had fun in her class and they made some really cute crafts. She has her memory verse memorized already! Blair slept through the service! Then, we went to eat for Father's Day. We went to Olive Garden! It was so good... try the Shrimp Caprese pasta.. it's my new favorite there! After that we went home to change and met my Mom and my nephews at the Bella Vista walking trail. Baylee got a new bike... a real bike with training wheels so we took her out there to practice on it. They had fun! We went home and got food and took it over to my Mom's house. I mowed half of her back yard and then we ate dinner.

The new nurse is going to come sometime this week. She hasn't called me yet so I'm not sure what day she will be here. I'm assuming tomorrow since that was the normal day for the other nurse to come. I think the Speech Therapist is also coming sometime tomorrow as well! Then, Physical Therapy will be here Thursday morning! Whew... what a busy week already.

I hope all of you Dad's out there had a wonderful Father's Day!

Hugs - Tiffany


therextras said...

I'm so glad you had positive things to say about your first OT visit! Off to a good start! I'll be watching to see how the PT visit goes. Barbara

mind_bodyshop said...

Im Glad to say that the greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

Bird said...

Therapy used to wear Charlie out. Now, it doesn't even phase him--maye I should be asking them to be harder on him? Really, I think he was the most tired because he cried so much during it. Now, he just accepts it.

tonimcclung said...

This is going to sound so stupid but why does a speech therapist come?

I'm so glad to hear that it's all going well. Blair is beautiful. You'll definitely have to let me know how that massage therapy works--Merrick is sooo tense half the time! I'd love to see if that would help.