Monday, June 2, 2008

Stormy Weather!

We had storms off and on all weekend here! It was nice in a way, but I'm ready for no rain... or just the occasional rain shower! I couldn't believe how much lightning we had yesterday morning. But, the afternoon turned out to be great.

Friday night I went to work at the church. It felt good to get back and Baylee had so much fun playing with all of the kids there! Britt said Blair was not good for him. She cried a lot while I was gone... maybe she will be a Momma's girl. After all, I was the one that was always at the hospital with her and all of the nurses that worked there were women! :) She will get use to him. Britt and Baylee went and got mulch Friday afternoon to put in the flower beds. The mulch we put down last year had settled and faded so now it looks much better!

Saturday Britt had a fishing tournament and we just hung out at the house until he got back. Yesterday my parents had us over for a BBQ and to let the kids play. My Dad was in town (he's a truck driver) and he will be here some this week as well.

The nurse came by already this morning and Blair weighs 7lbs! She's getting big and growing everyday. I have increased her bottle amounts since she was finishing all of her bottles. Her Omphalocele continues to look good. I'm still wrapping it at night so she can have her tummy time and she really likes it! We leave it open during the day and it dries out. I stopped giving her gas drops. They didn't seem to help her and they started to constipate her a little bit. She seems to do much better and I've been able to burp her a few times here and there.

Look at this picture of her eyelashes. They are kind of light colored so looking down on her when her eyes are closed they are very long!

Tonight we are going to take food to my friend Tiffany that had her baby on Thursday! She had a girl so her and Blair are almost 8 weeks apart. She has another girl that is 6 weeks older than Baylee so they are close in age! We are going to eat with them and let the girls play!

This week is already becoming busy and it's only Monday. Tomorrow night my good friend Amanda and her Mom are coming by to visit. On Wednesday my good friend Carmen is coming by to bring us food and to visit. Then, we are leaving sometime Thursday to head to Cabot for Baylee's dance recital! She is super excited... in fact she's practicing right now! :)

Hugs - Tiffany

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Bird said...

That's a gorgeous girl!

I know you haven't gotten your thickener yet--it's still in the back seat of my husband's car. SO sorry about that.

Blair is really beautiful and I am thrilled that she likes the stoller and tummy time. Charlie hated tummy time for the first six months. Then, I figured out how to distract him! That girl is going to be wonderful.

Just a note: my Arkansas friends are coming this weekend and my Hubby and I are hoping to go up there around October. Random, I know, but I feel like we have this AR connection.