Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good day

Blair continues to surprise us and do well! The Speech Therapist came today to feed Blair. I cut the nipples on her bottle so she would take the bottles quicker. It's really helped and she doesn't take 30 minutes to eat anymore. They say that anything past 20 minutes isn't great because then they start burning calories. She has been awake most of the morning and other than the occassional gas pains she is doing good!

This weekend we are headed to Cabot for Baylee's dance recital. She is super excited about it and keeps talking about her flower and bird costumes! Here are pictures of both costumes that she had taken a few weeks ago. She looks so big in these pictures!

Other than that nothing too exciting has been going on this week. Monday the Occupational Therapist is coming for the first time.
Hugs - Tiffany


Small Town Girl said...

Sounds like things are going great! Good luck to Baylee on her recital.

kelly said...

so glad you continue to update this thing! you are a true blogger. haha--if you get bored[yeah right!] here is mine.

Miss Thystle said...

little girls in dance costumes are about the cutest things EVER.

tonimcclung said...

Oh God, she is such a little cutie!Glad to read Blair is doing so good! I haven't yet had the guts to leave Merrick home with his daddy.
When does Blair go for that MRI?

Bird said...

Precious! Also, so glad to see they didn't go for the fishnets--I don't really like that when they do it on young girls.