Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camping, Weight Check and the BEACH!

Well, last weekend we took Baylee camping at the river. She had a blast. We went with my friends Brad, Stacy and their two boys. It stormed Saturday night while we were sleeping, but other than that the weather was perfect for it. The river was nice and cold so it felt good since it was 100 degrees out. My brother-in-law brought my nephews out to swim and my oldest nephew ended up spending the night with us.

Well, kind of on a whim... I decided last night that we are going to the beach. We are leaving tomorrow and will be back next weekend. We were going to go anyway and then had to cancel because we didn't know how long Blair would be in the hospital. Baylee really wants to go so it will be fun for her. I'm taking my friends 2 kids with us. Lauren is 12 and she will be a big help with Blair.

I will take lots of pics for everyone and will post some when I get back.

I took Blair today to have her weight checked. She was weighed 1 week ago and in that week she gained an ENTIRE pound! WAHOO! So, the extra formula is working. We are going to switch her to Enfamil Gentlease and see if that helps with the gas she has! The nurse gave me a couple of cans while we were there for us to try. So, her weight is 9lbs 9oz.

Hugs to everyone!



Miss Thystle said...

have a wonderful time!

Bird said...

Have fun at the beach! You are so spontaneous--I could never do that.

Small Town Girl said...

I bet that 12 year old is being a big help with Baylee, too. I hope you're having fun and enjoying yourselves!