Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Survived!

I cannot believe I got through yesterday without having a nervous breakdown! :) Just kidding! But, I was beginning to wonder how I was going to make it to the Dr's office by 11:45 when Baylee didn't even get done with dance until 11:30. But, we made it with NO TIME to spare! I think it was me running out of dance and throwing her in her seat and telling her to buckle herself in that did the trick!

Blair's Dr's appt went good. Dr. Foster just said to keep adding the Enfacare to my breastmilk and thickner. Normal breastmilk has 20 calories/ounce. The Enfacare adds 22 calories/ounce. So, we are doubling her calories basically. Hopefully that will do the trick and put some weight on her scrawny little body!

Today she had Physical Therapy in the clinic with Kerri. She did great in the beginning. Totally loaded up her diaper right before we started and she had some gas that didn't make her happy. Kerri showed me some infant massage that would help relax her and around her Omphalocele to help with the gas.

After we got through with that we stopped at my old work and visited everyone. It was so good to see you guys and I miss each and every one of you! Brandy went to lunch with me where we saw her hubby!

We have just been hanging out this afternoon since it's 95 degrees outside! We will probably take Baylee to the park later when it cools off a bit.

Tomorrow Baylee has her last dance class for the summer session. Her regular dance classes (that are once/week) will start back at the very end of August. So, at least we will have a little break from that. We are going swimming tomorrow again after she gets done with dance and lunch. That will be fun and I can't wait! It's about the only outdoor activity you can do right now during the day without dying from heatstroke!

Hugs - Tiffany


Bird said...

I think the crazy days are worse when it's so hot outside!

Blair is soooo cute--I wanna give her a snuggle! Her O is looking awesome! It's pretty amazing how well she's healing.

Are you getting your PT and OT through early intervention or insurance. I thought EI had to come out to the house. All of Charlie's therapists come to the house and we have no nursing care at all. It is a different state, though.

Enjoy your weekend.

Joell said...

Hey there lady. So glad to read and see how amazing Blair is doing!! My computer has been dead for some time, but now I'm back with a new puter, and can catch up on all my bloggee friends!! Sounds like y'all have had an incredibly busy summer, but I'm so glad. :-)
Take care, hon!!