Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike, Colds and weekend fun!

Well, this weekend has come and gone. UGH! I worked at the church Friday night. I probably should of stayed home because I have a sinus infection and just don't feel good. I went to the Dr. Friday and got some antibiotics and it seems to be helping. Blair Bottoms has a viral cold and they said it just has to run it's course! She is stuffy and fussy at times. And, she has been running a fever.

We had a pretty bad storm last night... that would be IKE going through the area. The winds were CRAZY and we had some flooding rain in the area. There are lots of trees down, but surprisingly we never lost power. We woke up this morning to our refrigerator not working. I called every appliance repair place in the phone book and only ONE works on the weekends! I was concerned that all my groceries would ruin so I wanted someone to come today. A control panel in the back went out. That was a lovely 223.00 to fix it! The fridge is only 2 years old so I was kind of upset... but what are you gonna do?

Tomorrow I have to take my car to get the 4-wheel drive right front seal fixed. It's leaking grease and they said if the whole thing goes out it will cost several thousand to fix. So, I'm all about paying 140.00 now and saving all of that money for something else! Oh, maybe surgery for Blair or something later down the road! :)

I finally sold Baylee's Barbie Jeep on Craigslist... I love that website (thank you Sanne)! And, I think I have sold Britt's dirt bike as well!

Our garage sale is this weekend! I've got a HUGE pile of stuff in the garage and have more stuff to go through. I'm going to my Mom's this week to help her get her stuff together.

I'm getting the girls pictures taken on Tuesday... as long as Blair is feeling up to it! Hopefully those will turn out good! This will be their first professional pictures together!

Other than that... it's going to be a pretty busy week. Something going on everyday! YEA!!!

Hugs - Tiffany

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