Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, my little angel was in her 1st beauty pageant last night. As well as she did you would of thought it was her 100th pageant! I was so proud of her! At 3:00 we started getting her ready. Her hair took the longest as I curled every single strand of it! We caught those moments on camera as well!

As we arrived we had to park kind of far from the building. I thought she was never going to make it up there! I made her walk because I didn't want her dress to wrinkle. (I know isn't that awful of me) Anyway... she made it and she was SO excited to be there. She kept telling me that she was going ON STAGE by herself. Well, she didn't go completely by herself because she had to have one parent with her. But, I stood off to the side as she strutted her stuff across the stage for the judges and audience! She is the ONLY one out of her group of 14 that walked without the parent right next to them! I was very proud of her! But, like I said she loves being on stage!

Baylee was the Audience Favorite and won that award and she took 2nd Runner Up. She was very excited because she won a Hanna Montana CD for Audience favorite! :)

She is being introduced as Contestant #2!

On the left:

Here she is walking across stage towards the judges to do her "thing"! I was cracking up at her!

To the right:

She is being a little shy, but still trying to work the stage! :)

My pretty little princess. She's an overall winner in my book! :)

The winners are pictured left to right.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Baylee. As well as everyone that sent e-mails and called to wish her luck!

Hugs - Tiffany


Bird said...

Congratulations, Baylee! She looks so precious.

Small Town Girl said...

Cute!! How exciting, I bet she was pretty proud of herself, too. :)

Miss Thystle said...

Yeah Baylee! I can't wait to see this in her Miss America montage!

Joell said...

She looks adorable...and she looks like she had a great time.