Friday, September 19, 2008

Ready for the week to be over!

So, yesterday was another crazy day! We were gone most of the day. We went to Mom's house to get the garage sale stuff marked and ready for tomorrow. Baylee had dance class yesterday and I had to work at the church a couple of hours last night. UGH! I got home around 8 and was ready to crash.

We have to take a few more things over today and we are going out to my Grandma's house to pick up an antique liquor cabinet that my Mom is going to keep. My Grandma is getting ready to move to an assisted apartment. She just doesn't need her big house anymore and a lot of her friends live there. She is 90... still plays golf every week and plays cards with her friends all the time. She has a LOT of furniture to get rid of. Tonight I've got to work at the church until 9:30. Tomorrow we have the garage sale until 5.

So, I'm ready for this week to come to an end. My house needs to be cleaned, but that will have to wait until sometime on Sunday.

Hugs - Tiffany

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tonimcclung said...

ok, i'm a little caught up now. your week sounds a lot like mine! cars give us so much grief! i'm ready to trade mine in for a tandem bike! baylee looked so adorable at her pageant--like a little rosy-cheeked shirley temple angel! and the whole story about the dog breaking into your house? i lost count of how many screens we've replaced. blair looks like she is doing well. any more surgeries scheduled for her?