Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the Road again!

Well, we just got back from Little Rock a little bit ago. Blair's appointments went extremely well! They think the VSD (hole in her heart) has completely closed up. The Cardiologist said that when we come back in 6 months that he wouldn't be surprised that it would be totally closed! They stopped the Lasix prescription as of today. That was a diuretic to help with the hole and extra fluid going from her heart to her lungs.

The Neonatologist said Blair looked great. For her height she is in the 3rd percentile for her age. For her weight she is almost on the chart for her age, but not quite yet! BUT, for her height AND weight together she is in the 50th percentile! They said she is gaining weight just like they want her to. She weighed 12lbs 2oz. She was 23 inches long and her head was 42cm round.

They also have made us stop using Simply Thick to thicken her formula. I know it does the job, but it stinks because it has no nutritional value at all. It only takes up space in her bottles and it doesn't provide the extra calories that she needs. So, now that she is only on formula we are going to thicken her bottles with rice cereal so that will add some calories and that way we don't have to add extra formula to her bottles everytime. So, it's a new day and a new recipe for all of that! :) But, at least now we don't have to make a full days bottles all at once we can just make one at a time and not have to worry about warming up bottles in hot water!

I think that's about it... I've got to go because Baylee is crying and needs me to give her a bath! UGH... A Mother's job is never done!

Hugs - Tiff

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Small Town Girl said...

Hey! Glad to hear the appointments went well. I bet when you add rice cereal to her bottles she'll really start gaining. It'll be good for her to get some extra calories.