Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Busy Weekend!

Friday I worked at the church again and it was nice to get back to those kids! We were going to have a garage sale Saturday, but we had some illnesses in our family that didn't allow for us to do it. It also rained Saturday morning so I slept in. Britt left around lunch time Saturday to go to FL. Marco Island... I'm sad because I was going to go and changed my mind after Baylee had her seizure episode and Blair had her blister episode. So, I'm hanging out with the girls this week playing single Mom. Britt said it's really nice where he is at. He is about 10 miles south of Naples, FL.

Saturday evening I went to my friend Deidre's house. Her hubby cooked fajita's and they were SO GOOD!

Sunday we hung around the house for a bit and rested and then met Deidre and her Sister at Chuck E. Cheese. It was Jared's (Deidre's nephew) birthday so we let the kids play and ate some yummy pizza! Last night I went to our church group meeting and took the girls with me. They were good and it was nice to catch up with everyone.

It's Monday now and it's dreary out. It's going to rain all day! BLAH!

Hugs - Tiffany

PS - I'm uber excited that my shows have started back this season. Grey's Anatomy (even though it wasn't on last week because of the Presidential address). Desperate Housewives... it's going to be a good season for it! I wish Men in Tree's would come back on soon... Sanne has me hooked on that show!


Small Town Girl said...

For some reason I'm thinking Men in Trees is done! I'm pretty sure I heard that, but I hope I'm wrong. I'm now hooked on the new 90210.

A guy from my office goes to Marco Island for a couple months every winter. He says it's really nice there.

Tiff said...

I know my friend Sanne informed me of that! :( I'm sad because I really liked that show!