Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dr's Appointments

Yesterday we had a follow-up appointment for Blair and I went ahead and had them check Baylee's ears while we were there. She woke up yesterday with major congestion and a cough.

Blair looks great and her ears and chest congestion are all better. Guess the antibiotics did more than give her diarrhea after all!

Baylee was fine... they prescribed her cough medicine and while we were there she got the FluMist! I thought this would be better than her getting a flu shot since she is use to taking Nasonex every night. Well, the key word would be "thought" here. You would of thought we were trying to hurt her the way she carried on and was screaming! UGH! I held her down the best that I could along with the nurse. She is STRONG! We got the medicine in both nostrils and after it was done she said it wasn't that bad! I was trying to explain that it would be better than her getting a shot for it. Usually that works, but yesterday she didn't want to budge!

While I was at the pharmacy picking up Blair's Thick-It there was a girl standing in front of me buying Sudafed. She was obviously on drugs with the way she was acting. And, she managed to make a big scene while buying it! It's sad that people have to be addicted to drugs! I'm so glad that my Mom made me so scared to try anything. She would always tell us that if we tried it one time that we would die. I guess that really stuck with me and I really didn't want to die.

Today is dance class and I am working at the church tonight. I have to work again tomorrow night and then we are having a garage sale again on Saturday. Another neighborhood garage sale this time in our neighborhood! I'm hoping to get rid of the rest of the stuff that I have!

Hugs - Tiffany

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