Friday, October 24, 2008

St. Louis - part 2

Okay, so Stacy (the nurse at St. Louis) called me back first thing this morning. They said they would definatley see Blair. She talked to the Dr. and they would look at doing a compression wrap. However, they will be limited because the top of her Omphalocele kind of flops over on her chest. BUT, the boy Zack that I have been talking about also had the same issue with his "flopping" over on his belly. His Occupational Therapist did something to help with that. You can go out and look at the pictures of it and you will see what I'm talking about.

She took down both links... this one and Zack's. She looked at it and said that might be something they could look in to. I just think they are in to trying new things.

I called AR Children's this morning and talked to them about getting a letter from the Dr. (Pediatric Surgeon) so she can been seen in St. Louis. I gave them one more chance and asked this nurse if this still wasn't something they could do. She said it's just not something that they will do or want to try... so, there's my push to go to St. Louis. That just finalized it in my mind!

Nurse Stacy is going to go over all the pictures with both surgeons and then she is going to call me back later today! As always I will keep you guys posted!

Hugs - Tiffany

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Miss Thystle said...

Good for you and hooray for Blair!