Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm missing my Baylee!

Baylee is at her Mamaw's house for a few days. Britt took her to Cabot yesterday to see her cousins football game! They won all their games this year except 1! This is his first year playing quarterback and he did a really good job! He is in the 9th grade!

We had a really good day today. After Blair's Physical Therapy Appt. I picked my nephew up from school. Lily was with us and we went to eat some chinese food! After that, we went to the Fire Department where my friend Brandy's husband works as a Fireman! Lily and Kaden had the BEST time! Talk about putting a smile on a little boys' face... WOW! They got to climb all over the trucks and Grant even took Kaden up on the ladder truck... actually on the LADDER! That was very cool and I got some really good pics to show his Mom and Dad when they get back from vacation!

This afternoon it has been pretty quiet. The storms are starting to roll in. It's REALLY windy and very cloudy! I think it's going to start sometime tonight and we might even have a few tornado's. That DOES NOT excite me at all! I hate tornado's!

Well, until next time... have a wonderful week!

Hugs - Tiffany


toni said...

girl we had golf-ball sized hail here yesterday evening, and the wind was so bad--it was exactly like a hurricane, only it lasted 1 hour instead of 6. scary stuff--hope it skips you guys.

Small Town Girl said...

We had a thunderstorm during the night the night before last. There was even some hail (just small ones). SO unusual for us around here, especially in November!! I guess that's coming to an end though, it's supposed to be raining today and tomorrow and then the rain is supposed to turn to snow during the day tomorrow. Goodbye fall!!

That's great that you've had some time with your nephews lately. I hope everything's going well on that front.