Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Around Town!

The trees are AMAZING right now! I took the kids to the park today because it's about 75 and gorgeous. We went up to the square and I got some amazing pictures of the trees turning colors. I love this time of year! But, it's also a sad time for me. One of my best friends died 2 years ago from breast cancer the night before Thanksgiving. I can't help but be reminded of her laying in the hospital waiting to get moved to Hospice while staring out her window and looking at the trees turning colors. I will never forget those moments. She was a very special person to me and a lot of others! And, I miss her tremendously!


kellyk said...

love baylee's boots! the leaves are amazing. you got some great color in your pictures. i just can't get enough of this time of year!

Small Town Girl said...

VERY pretty! I missed taking pictures of the pretty leaves this year. That is long over for us! Now it's just starting to get cold. They're talking about snow for the weekend. Yuck.

Kerrie said...

Hi there Tiffany,

I like the look of this new site and I love the photos!

I hope everything is going okay there for you and your family.

Huge hugs,

Kerrie (you know...Intrepid...)

Joell said...

I saw all the pics over at your Spaces page...the trees are so beautiful!! We didn't have nearly that much color over here in SC. Like the new look of your page here. Take care!