Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh, what they say!

Last night I was taking it easy with a heating pad on my neck. I've been having a LOT of stress tension in my neck... hmmm... imagine that! Anyway... so, Baylee crawls up in the bed with me right before her bath. This is how the conversation went!

Baylee: Momma, you are the best Momma in the whole whole whole world! And, Daddy is the best Daddy in the whole whole whole world!
Me: Baylee, that is so sweet of you!
Baylee: Yep, and Sissy is the best little Sissy in the whole world. And, I'm bigger because I can ride a big bike!

She has been saying the cutest things lately!

On another note... I got a call from AR Children's yesterday! The nurse in the Pediatric Surgery Clinic said that the Surgeon had "changed his mind" about seeing Blair! WHATEVER! Talk about getting someone's blood boiling. I think I needed to tell her that I'm 1/2 German and 1/2 Polish so she would understand if I sounded a little not-so-nice on the phone! And, here is why they have "changed their mind" about helping us. Because after the last time she called me and shot me down about helping us I called the Children and Family Services area of the hospital and complained that they weren't willing to help us. My complaint was because they were supposed to be a "learning" type hospital and why not try it! It certainly wasn't going to hurt her! I also explained that other Dr's were willing to do something and even our 1st surgeon we had who moved to Indiannapolis right after she was born! I don't think I need a Surgeon doing something to my child because they feel like they "have to". I want them to do it because they WANT TO!


Miss Thystle said...

Better to drive to a doctor you like than deal with one you don't. NOTHING trumps bedside manner!

Pam said...

I agree, go to the Dr. that you think will do his very best for Blair!!

Bird said...

I'd want a doctor that WANTS to help too.

I must say, I've been surprised at how well hospitals deal with complaints. This is the second blog that I've read about where people got big changes made when they complained.

Joell said...

I know you must be so frustrated!! I also know that you are a mama on a mission and you won't stop until you are satisfied with the treatment Blair is getting!! Hang in there girl.