Monday, November 3, 2008

Is that a word?

Just thought I would get this out here real quick before I forget. Baylee and Lily were playing outside this morning in the back and Baylee came running in really fast. She came up to me and said, "MOMMA, come look... there is a snail (it was a slug) out here and it's really slimmery!" I was laughing so hard and thought to myself... is that a word? hehehe

Oh, the funny things that kids say! I love it!

Happy Monday!

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casey chappell said...

Thanks for your comment and sympathy on my blog. I'm so glad Blair healed and that her heart is doing fine. I know those 7 weeks were so hard for you guys.
It's hard to know why some O babies make it and some don't. But I do know that God has great purposes and plans through both our O babies! Thanks again for letting me know you're out there!
Treasure those girls today!
Blessings, Casey